Liz Hamill inspires Life in 1914 campers and connects them to what life was like over 100 years ago.


Liz Hamill began volunteering at Pittock Mansion in 2006. A former teacher, Liz not only gives guided tours, she also inspires and educates youth through our Day Camp for Kids: Life in 1914 program.

We asked Liz a few questions about her experiences volunteering and why Pittock Mansion is so important to her. Read on to learn more!


How did you first become involved with Pittock Mansion?   

On a tour of the house with some friends, I saw an announcement of an upcoming class for training guides and thought, “why not?” As a teacher, I’d been dispensing information and directing people from place to place for years. I could pretty much use the same skill sets.

Why do you volunteer for Pittock Mansion’s Day Camp for Kids: Life in 1914?

I have always loved history. Here, in our community, is a house that is over 100 years old. What an opportunity to learn about the past; to show children how things were done then and make comparisons with how we do them now. It stirs their imaginations to wander the halls and staircases as both guests and workers in a great house.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering or becoming a member?

Just do it! Volunteer. The staff at Pittock Mansion is so friendly and respectful. They make you feel like an important part of the team. Become a member. Learn more about the history of Portland through exhibits and events. Support the effort to keep a 104 year old house in good repair for future generations.


Interested in learning more about volunteering at Pittock Mansion? Visit our Volunteer page.