Donate Books to Community Action During a Pittock Mansion Christmas

    As part of our Wonderful World of Books exhibit, Pittock Mansion will be hosting a book drive in collaboration with Community Action from Monday, November 25th to Sunday, December [...]

Henry Pittock’s Account of Surviving the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

  The destructive San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906, gripped the nation and dominated headlines. The Oregonian newspaper had their own exclusive scoop—owner and publisher Henry [...]

Long-Time Volunteer Connects Students and Visitors to Life in 1914

  Liz Hamill began volunteering at Pittock Mansion in 2006. A former teacher, Liz not only gives guided tours, she also inspires and educates youth through our Day Camp for Kids: Life in [...]

An Adventurous Life

Henry Pittock was born in London, England on March 1, 1834 or 1835—his death certificate states his birth year was 1835, while his baptismal record states 1834. Henry grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, [...]

Transforming a Historic House Into a 21st-Century Museum

  Henry Pittock was a visionary entrepreneur and early adopter of technology—traits that are now serving as inspiration for Pittock Mansion’s new strategic plan for enhancing the visitor [...]

Footbridge Over Burnside Coming Soon

Pittock Mansion visitors often ask if they can walk to Washington Park from the Mansion and Forest Park. The answer? “Yes, but be careful crossing Burnside!” The warning is necessary; the [...]

Henry Pittock’s Outdoor Adventures

Like many Portlanders, the dream of outdoor adventure is part of what attracted Henry Pittock to the Northwest. As a young man in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he read an account of a rafting [...]

Water Intrusion at Pittock Mansion Addressed by Drainage Improvements

An ongoing challenge to the preservation of Pittock Mansion and the Gate Lodge is water intrusion. Over the years, shifting hillsides and changing landscapes have resulted in new opportunities [...]

Portland’s 1905 World’s Fair

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, cities across the globe hosted elaborate “world’s fairs” to promote progress and showcase the industrial might, products, arts, and culture of their region and [...]

Henry’s 1910 Letter from Europe

Henry Pittock was an avid traveler, visiting regional destinations like San Francisco and more exotic ones like Hawaii and Mexico. In 1910, Henry traveled to Europe, stopping in Switzerland, [...]

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